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tw telecom view > Voice and Data: Better Together

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Voice and Data: Better Together

July 18, 2012  

It’s always much easier to have everything in one place. All of your shoes in the closet. All of your dishes in the cupboard. All of your tools in the toolbox. All of your communication needs on one network — including voice.

Enter IP telephony, including VoIP. This is a great solution — using your Business Ethernet network to transmit voice communications. IP telephony has definite advantages: one network infrastructure, greater control, and plenty of rich features, like softphones, follow-me, presence and online account management.

IP telephony through Business Ethernet also makes is easy for enterprises to move, add, and change lines. But setting up VoIP isn’t quite as simple as plugging a phone jack into the wall. To have a successful VoIP infrastructure, your firm needs to fully understand its communication needs and practices.

IT directors already have their hands full, and they need a way to implement VoIP that will lead to a valuable, usable program. Just because IP telephony is simple for the end user doesn’t make it simple to configure. This is not an “install-it-and-forget-it” type of program.

tw telecom’s Senior Director of Technology Services Sosheel Samuel cautions enterprises looking to make the change: “IP offers a wide range of options that dramatically increase complexity, so it’s critical to stay grounded on your businesses communication needs.”

A robust, scalable Business Ethernet network is the foundation for VoIP. Samuel says, “Ethernet is THE data and voice network convergence point.” So you’ll want to partner with a proven Business Ethernet provider — one that has a national fiber network, is flexible to meet your changing bandwidth needs, and provides end-to-end security. tw telecom does all of those things.

Every business has unique communication needs, but all businesses want security, reliability, and control. When converting to IP telephony, visibility and control of the network are absolutely essential for success. The Intelligent Network from tw telecom delivers these critical features and more.

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