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Future-Proof Your Business with a Flexible Network

By Bob Meldrum, Vice President, Corporate Communications, January 30, 2013  

Does your business have the agility necessary for success in the 21st century?

The economic changes of the past few years have produced a driving need for agility that is likely to stick around even as the economy improves. Businesses want to be future-proof. Instead of buying and maintaining expensive equipment that’s likely to become obsolete in just a few years, a “future- proofed” business may outsource applications and data storage to the Cloud.

But agility is about more than just spending less on servers. It is also about having the ability to adapt quickly to a changing business environment and becoming more efficient. Agility is how future-proof businesses fight volatility with predictability.

Agility, efficiency, and the Intelligent Network
For years, tw telecom has been a leader in the ever-changing IT environment and has stayed ahead of competitors by paying close attention to customer needs. We listen to customers, and that’s why we created the Intelligent Network. It is why we developed our Business Ethernet solutions over ten years ago, to establish a framework to offer new, innovative solutions – like the Intelligent Network.

Dynamic Capacity
The Intelligent Network introduced exciting, new services like Dynamic Capacity. This feature provides E-Line Business Ethernet customers with the ability to instantly increase their bandwidth by two or three times the subscribed level, and then to dial it back down to their original rate just as quickly, once the need has passed.

You can see what it will cost before you execute the increase in bandwidth. This helps customers better allocate expenses, without having to wait to find out the increased cost. This ability for customers to dynamically increase bandwidth in seconds, with no impact to service, is unique in the industry.

Agility in action:

  • A company that is hosting a conference of attorneys for several days may need more bandwidth to accommodate user needs during that time.
  • The IT department at another company may need to schedule a data backup over a weekend when the office is closed.

And then there are the unscheduled and unexpected increases in Web traffic. That’s when the agility built into the Intelligent Network really pays off.  By giving CIOs the ability to increase network capacity in seconds, Dynamic Capacity and the Intelligent Network turn IT departments into “business enablers.”

tw telecom is also making network performance even more predictable through the introduction of thresholds and alarms. These tools will let administrators know immediately when bandwidth reaches a certain level so they can quickly act on that information to avoid downtime or service lags.

tw telecom anticipates customer needs and meets them as quickly as possible. The Intelligent network gives enterprises the agility they need to “future-proof” their operations and move their businesses forward.


By Person, 1, 2013  

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