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Secure Business Ethernet? Check. Real-time monitoring of
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tw telecom view > Dynamic Capacity: It's On!

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Dynamic Capacity: It's On!

November 1, 2012  

Secure Business Ethernet? Check.

Real-time monitoring of network? Check.

Bandwidth on demand? Check!

Dynamic Capacity, Phase II of tw telecom’s Intelligent Network, is now available nationwide, in more than 16,000 buildings in 75 markets. This tool will fundamentally change how companies manage their networks. We’re excited about it, and we’re sure you will be, too.

Most businesses have experienced situations when they needed an increase in network capacity. It could be a planned data transfer or an unanticipated surge in website traffic. Perhaps the marketing department has scheduled an online promotion or IT is rolling out new, company-wide Cloud applications. Truly, the demands on bandwidth are varied: both predictable and unexpected, both short-lived and long-term. Businesses need a system that can adapt to these multiple constraints.

tw telecom has the solution, and it’s called Dynamic Capacity.

This new feature gives flexibility, scalability, and control with a click of the mouse. CIOs and network managers can respond to bandwidth demands in real time, doubling or even tripling bandwidth on demand – without compromising connectivity or disrupting the network. Then they can decide to maintain bandwidth at that level or scale back to the original amount. Dynamic Capacity is simple to manage through MyPortal.

Dynamic Capacity empowers IT managers to regulate network capacity to meet bandwidth needs of the applications it uses. tw telecom understands that companies have unique needs, and Dynamic Capacity gives businesses the freedom to manage their networks with immediate network visibility and control to make their own decisions. After all, you know what’s best for your business.

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