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tw telecom view > Convergence: Face the Challenges, Reap the Benefits

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Convergence: Face the Challenges, Reap the Benefits

July 16, 2012  

Just a decade ago, who would have thought of using a cell phone to view videos? Rapid advances in technology have blurred the lines between traditional media types. And convergence — delivering voice, data, and video across a single network instead of separate technologies — removes the barriers between different types of communications, spurring a demand for access to data, applications, and multimedia anytime, anywhere, and from any platform.

The challenge that convergence presents is how to deliver those varied services with the speed and performance that users have come to expect. Fortunately, it's becoming ever easier to merge communication types that have always been separate — and save money, time and resources in the process.

Benefits of converged communications
More than half of all Fortune 500 companies have adopted converged services. Why? There are several reasons:

  • Saving money —  Using a single network allows companies to save money on equipment and the maintenance costs that multiple networks require.
  • More features — Converged services, such as VoIP, make better use of network resources and may even offer more features than traditional voice, for example, more handset options and easier-to-use conference calling.
  • Easier accessibility from unified communications — data, voice, fax, e-mail, or video via IP in a central inbox — allows users to access information anytime, from anywhere, and from any platform. Most often from whatever media is most convenient: phone, cell, email or chat.
  • Simpler and higher quality videoconferencing can help reduce business travel expenses. Lower costs and simpler vendor management are side benefits of having fewer vendors — and converged services can usually be offered by a single vendor.  
  • Ease of implementation —Convergence can be done all at once or piecemeal, as aging equipment (think old PBX phone systems) becomes obsolete.

 Buying managed converged services from a single provider allows customers to purchase only the services and bandwidth they need. tw telecom offers Converged Services, andtook the next step by developing the Intelligent Network and giving you control and visibility to manage your network as you see fit.

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