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tw telecom view > 3 Reasons to Beef Up Business Ethernet for 2013

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3 Reasons to Beef Up Business Ethernet for 2013

By Adam Saenger, Senior Director, Portfolio Management, January 23, 2013  

Information technology is always changing, and this year will be no different. If your business is going to be ready for the hot IT trends in 2013, you need a reliable and secure Business Ethernet in place. Your company or organization needs a robust network to get the most out of these new developments.

  • New ways of doing business. Certainly no company wants to be left behind, to be the last to adopt new technologies. As vendors adopt new business models such as hosting applications in the Cloud and allowing BYOD, businesses will have to adapt. Ideally, purchasing and using certain business applications in the Cloud should save money and streamline operations. However, a lost connection or slowdown due to high traffic on the network will not allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the new modes of business. Likewise, the shift toward personal, mobile devices allows creativity and flexibility but also puts exponentially increasing demands on your network’s bandwidth. Scalable, robust Business Ethernet will make those business transactions safer and more reliable.


  • Real-time analytics. As the speed of business and information accelerates, so does the need for up-to-the-minute data to make crucial business decisions. Executives generally have an expectation of constant access to vital metrics. The information is enterprise-wide, but access to it only comes from a robust network. Dependability is nice, but features that allow you to control your network traffic or even increase bandwidth with the click of a mouse make your network even more valuable in 2013. The Intelligent Network from tw telecom does all of this and more. You don’t have time to “wait and see” if your bandwidth can cover an event or back up. A responsive and scalable network provides the control you need to always know what’s going on in your company. 


  • Dealing with Big Data. No matter what size data set your company considers to be Big Data, IT managers have to deal with it in some way. Whether these data sets contain critical business intelligence or application performance metrics, the magnitude of the data continues to grow and is difficult to deal with. Increasingly, the Cloud is the ideal place to keep Big Data, so a robust Business Ethernet solution offers the foundation you need to gather, analyze, store, and share this information. A scalable, reliable connection gives your IT team the necessary flexibility to manage these complex sets of precious, vital data.

There are many other IT trends coming in 2013 that are built on the assumption that your company has a reliable, secure, always-on network. You can have that with Business Ethernet from tw telecom. It’s the foundation for the future of your network, and consequently, your business.

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