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No limitations. That’s the MEF Award winning Business Ethernet portfolio from tw telecom. In fact, we are one of the top three market share providers of Business Ethernet in the country. We think the Network Matters.  Find out more about our reliable, redundant and diverse network solutions that keep your business connected and learn why we are a top metro ethernet provider on the market today!

tw telecom delivers simple, scalable, cost effective managed Business Ethernet metro and nationwide WAN services—all based on Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards. E-Line starts at 2 Meg and scales up to 10 Gigs with competitive price points and fractional 10 Gig speeds not offered by optical solutions.


Native LAN
Reliably connect and communicate between multiple locations at high rates of speed within a given metropolitan area. Connect all the dots with a technology that you already know well— Business Ethernet.

Extended Native LAN
Communicate across your office or city hundreds of times faster than you do today. Extended Native LAN (ENLAN) expands your metro Business Ethernet connectivity across the country. Leverage your applications across all locations with a high speed, flexible communications solution that is not only extremely reliable and secure but available at a lower cost than your traditional network.  

Getting connected has never been easier.  tw telecom's Ethernet Access (E-Access) has an external network-to-network interface (ENNI) that provides carrier, application, and data center service providers with a single point of access into our national Business Ethernet footprint.


The eLynk portfolio is a next generation, private data service that securely connects multiple end user businesses to one centralized cloud or Application Provider (AP). The portfolio joins all parties into a certified private network that heavily utilizes our advanced Intelligent Network suite of features for Ethernet and data services.
eLynk is made up of an eLynk virtual Connections, from any tw telecom connected location, into an eLynk Interface. eLynk elements are pre-defined according to the application provider’s specifications and are certified, tested and optimized for the provider’s applications. This delivers a seamless interconnection, removes the complexity for customers, and makes for a repeatable and scalable integration.

For the AP, the eLynk Interface provides the advantage of a single interconnect for their customers without the added expense of owning the private connection or the interconnection in the data center. Providers may also utilize multiple eLynk Interfaces as a method for replication and redundancy between their own eLynk Interfaces or between partners who also have eLynk Interfaces.

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