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From e-Discovery to video conferencing and legal research, tw telecom provides the advanced legal communications services and infrastructure that maximizes the benefits of law technology.  Don't let your lawfirm fall behind!

While in-house law libraries are not extinct, they are going the way of the typewriter. Today, electronic legal research prevails. However, those vast libraries are located cities, states, or even a world away from the law professionals that need to access them.

tw telecom helps law firms access those databases with high-speed Internet access and robust connection options.

More and more, firms use videoconferencing to facilitate company-wide meetings and associate training sessions. Externally, lawyers and courtrooms are launching new videoconferencing systems for depositions and settlement conferences—facilitating private, secure conversations no matter where participants are located.

tw telecom’s networks can handle the demanding technical capabilities that video traffic requires and can even help two disparate networks connect to deliver high-definition video between locations.

With e-Discovery regulations and massive storage requirements, we know you need secure access and tools to manage the volume. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure enacted in 2006 spurred an exodus of legal information from paper to digital form.

The practical benefits of that transformation are clear. However, there is a corresponding operational need to effectively manage that data, transport it to where it needs to be, and store it in a safe way. tw telecom helps you manage these extraordinary data needs with communications solutions that match your goals and budget constraints.

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