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healthcare telecommunications solutions

Care Delivery Organizations face more challenges now than ever: rising costs, shrinking insurance payments, and the constant quest to reduce errors.

Get your network to work for you—not against you—with tw telecom’s advanced communications solutions. We understand bandwidth hungry applications like PACS, EMRs, and tele-radiology. Our industry-leading business Ethernet solutions rise to the top. We also provide a broad suite of other voice, data, and Internet solutions that keep CDOs ready to meet what lies ahead.

Many healthcare IT organizations want access to applications that have historically been managed on-premises but are now available off-premises—or "in the Cloud". 

tw telecom helps you arrange a private Cloud environment where access is packaged with far better security, visibility, and performance compared to the Internet.

tw telecom eLynk allows healthcare groups or consortiums to create and share network clouds with multiple billing parties.

Care Delivery Organizations generate and manage large amounts of data and regulatory requirements have put a lot pressure on them to keep patient data safe. 

tw telecom delivers a secure, robust, and redundant connection to your off-site data storage facility, giving you peace of mind.

tw telecom understands the mission-critical nature of your communications network, particularly when patient safety is at stake.

If you need to move large quantities of data to secure, off-site data centers for replication and storage, we can help.  tw telecom has multiple connectivity options (including Storage Transport). We’re probably already connected to a convenient data center nearby.

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