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legal and regulatory center

Please check here for information on a broad range of legal and regulatory compliance issues affecting tw telecom and the telecommunications industry.

Acceptable Use Policy

Learn more about how tw telecom promotes responsible use of its network, systems, services, Web site and products.

Customer Forms and Certificates

This section contains a helpful compilation of legal and regulatory information addressing the carrier-customer relationship.

E-Rate and Other Discounts for Schools, Libraries and Rural Health Care Entities

Certain non-profit entities can obtain reduced rates for telecommunications and Internet access services by applying for funding through these programs. Please review the information on this page for more details.

Legal Notices

This page addresses the legal issues related to the information on our website and the use of our network.

Legal Requests for Customer Information

Please review this page for information on tw telecom’s policy for complying with government and law enforcement requests for customer information.

Serving Legal Process Guidelines

Any party seeking to serve legal process (such as court orders, complaints, subpoenas and garnishments) on tw telecom must adhere to these detailed guidelines.

Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) Information

This section includes links to information necessary for other carriers’ interaction with tw telecom, such as porting and CSR request.

Policies, Procedures & General Information

Check here for information about a wide range of tw telecom telecommunications policies and compliance issues.

Privacy Policy

Learn more about how tw telecom complies with privacy laws and keeps your proprietary information secure.

Public Policy

Here you will find tw telecom’s filings, statements and position papers on key public policy and regulatory issues that impact our customers and our industry.

State Regulatory Information

Laws and regulations affecting the telecommunications industry and services vary by state. Please use these links to find more information about the tw telecom entity operating in your state and the governmental agencies that regulate us.

Supplier Diversity Policy

As a prime contractor to local, state and federal governments, tw telecom strives to actively identify, develop and use a diverse supplier base.

Sustainability Programs

tw telecom is committed to reducing its environmental impact and preserving natural resources.

Tariffs, Charges and Other Information

This page will provide you with links to our tariffs for each state which contain rates, charges and terms, as well as information on other charges.

Vendor Forms & Certificates

This section contains contractual and tax-related information for tw telecom vendors.

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