go beyond the connection
with the intelligent network

An Intelligent Network. The future is here.
Gain visibility, flexibility, and control for your network.

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a clear view of network performance

Real-time segment analysis - POP to POP.

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flex your network muscle

Up to 3 times your committed rate
when your business needs it most.

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intelligent network

Simple tools. Powerful Options. That’s what tw telecom’s Intelligent Network provides. A clear view of your network elements, segment by segment – anytime, anywhere. True bandwidth on-demand to meet the changing needs of your business. Your network can move with you like never before. That’s moving your business forward.

intelligent network

Imagine having the visibility, flexibility and control you need to manage your application performance. You don’t have to imagine. It’s here.

dynamic prioritization

With Dynamic Prioritization, enterprises can shift bandwidth to their high-priority applications on demand and dynamically across their entire IP VPN and Managed Services. Enterprises can automate the assignment of bandwidth by CoS to optimize their business in any situation.

dynamic capacity

Your business changes all the time. Shouldn’t your network move when you do? Flex your bandwidth up to 3 times your committed rate at the turn of a dial, then adjust it back again when done. It’s that easy to have the bandwidth your business demands, anytime.  

enhanced management

See segment-level detail on each network element anytime you want – all at your fingertips. Gain insights into latency, packet delivery, jitter and utilization with customized reporting that’s easy to use.

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